The Pilatus PC-12 aircraft is quite possibly the perfect plane for private air travel – comfortable, spacious, pet-friendly, and TSA hassle-free. Full weather equipment and all the latest avionics allow flight dispatch similar to the airlines. The PC-12 operates at 250 knots, altitudes up to 30,000 feet, and can land on just about any airstrip.

Every little detail

JATO offers fully catered flights, featuring gourmet food and beverages in flight. We’ll gladly accommodate any special requests you might have, including your pets.

Advanced technology 

The PC-12 is built with legendary Swiss engineering precision. This aircraft is high technology in every sense, starting with its modern, pilot-friendly cockpit. It’s also certified to the latest FAA Part 23 rules, stipulating the highest safety standards.

Best value 

Because the PC-12 is equipped with the Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turbine engine, it maintains the reliability of a jet while typically costing less to charter. Even on flights beyond 1,700 miles, the lower cost and greater capability of a PC-12 far outweigh the speed of light executive jets.

Luxe interior 

Our Pilatus PC-12 features executive first-class interior seating for all passengers. The aircraft has a private lavatory and two fold-out tables between the adjustable club seats. Not to mention, all baggage is accessible during the flight.

Perfect for adventure

A large cargo door allows for transport of equipment and oversized items like skis, bikes, and golf clubs. If you’re taking an extended trip or traveling to the great outdoors, our Pilatus PC-12 can take everything you need and more.

Access to remote locations

You can get closer to your ultimate destination in the Pilatus PC-12. This aircraft can cruise over 1,700 nautical miles and land safely at over 5,000 U.S. airports. That’s 10 times the commercial airports!