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Saturday, January 25

10:00AM to 4PM

San Carlos Airport
Main Terminal Building
Suite 1

Peter King (bio)


Wings Credit available through the FAA Safety Team System (FAAST)
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(650) 654-5286

Most GPS courses focus on cookbook-like procedures that work 80% of the time.  But have you ever been flying and asked yourself, “Why did the GPS do that?”  It is scary to be in the clouds, close to the ground, not understanding what your avionics are doing.

This free course teaches you how to master your Garmin GNS430 and G1000 by opening the hood and explaining the surprisingly simple logic at the core of the GPS, as well as how Garmin flight plan automation works.  With that foundation in place, you will gain basic strategy for managing your automation and have the opportunity to practice that strategy on IFR procedures from departure through missed approach.  Along the way, you will learn some of the pitfalls of the Garmin user interface and how to avoid them.

This course assumes basic knowledge of the Garmin user interface; it is not an introduction.  We will focus on the GPS/FMS system in IFR operations, and since the fundamental operations are the same across the GNS430 and G1000, we will alternate examples between the two.

This seminar will arm you with efficient, effective and reliable techniques for managing your GPS.

This will course will fill up fast so call us now!