• JATO Aviation Oakland (map)
  • 8517 Earhart Rd
  • Oakland, CA, 94621
  • United States

Saturday, December 6, 2014

10:00 AM – 12:00PM PST

JATO Aviation
Oakland Airport

8517 Earhart Road; upper floor

Jay Baird


Call the JATO office to sign up for JATO reserved limited seating.

(650) 654-5286

You've just got a brand new iPad or iPhone 6+, you've loaded up ForeFlight for iOS 8, but now what?

Follow along with your iPad for a simulated flight from pre-flight to shutdown.
Learn how to use ForeFlight for checking weather, trip planning, using features in-flight with the Stratus ADS-B receiver and some tips and tricks along the way to make you a safer more efficient pilot. Updated with all of the new iOS 8 features. 


Presenter Bio:

Jay Baird is a Commercial Pilot and professional CFI student. He is a former ForeFlight developer who now works at Apple. He and his wife own a Cherokee 140 and fly out of San Carlos.