Wednesday nights
(Starts March 5th, 2014)

7PM to 10PM

San Carlos Airport
Main Terminal Building
Suite 1

John Murphy (Bio)



For all 21 sessions!

Drop-ins welcome

The Private Pilot Ground School is held every Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm at the San Carlos Airport’s JATO Aviation Classroom. Classes are continuous with most starting a new subject. (See class schedule.) New students can start any Wednesday and be up-to-speed in no time.

The course consists of 21 sessions.  Each individual class starts off with a short video and/or a conversation about any aviation event that occurred over the past week. Following will be a presentation of the subject matter for the night. Where it's feasible, local information will be used for training, i.e. charts, airspace, cross-country flight planning, and weather reports. After the presentation, questions similar to those on the FAA written tests will be reviewed.

If the subject for the scheduled night’s class cannot be completed or students elect to have the subject repeated, we would do so on the following Wednesday’s class night.

This is a "No Student Left Behind" ground school; there are no time constraints.


  • There Is No Start Date
  • There Is No End Date
  • You Can Start Any Wednesday
  • You Can Repeat Any Class Anytime
  • We Use Local Charts
  • We Use Local Weather Reports
  • We Use The Cessna 172 POH
  • We Plan Local Cross Country Flights
  • JATO Computers Available For Sample Tests
  • Any Subject Will Be Repeated If Required
  • Guest Speakers; Air Traffic Controllers, Airline Pilots, Designated Flight Examiners,  

Items Required For Class

  1. Gleim’s Pilot Handbook (Available in Class)
  2. Gleim’s Pilot FAA Knowledge Test  (Available in Class)
  3. West Coast Airport Facilities Directory
  4. Aeronautical Charts (SFO Thermal & Sectional)
  5. Federal Aviation Regulations/Airmen’s Information Manual
  6. E-6B or Approved Computer
  7. Plotter with movable center

(Items 3 to 7 are available at San Carlos Aviation in lobby)