• ALL aircraft are IFR equipped and are subject to a 2 hour/day trip minimum for overnight flights

  • ALL aircraft require 25 hours time in make and model as well as a Mountain Checkout for any landings above 2500’ MSL

  • All aircraft require a night checkout for night privileges.

  • ALL aircraft equipped with oxygen require renters to supply their own O2 Equipment including pulse oxymeter

  • ALL aircraft at JATO require renter's insurance

  • Fuel Reimbursements not to exceed $6.00/gallon


  • Cirrus Checkouts require completion of a Nationally-Recognized Cirrus Transition Course

  • Pilots must complete the course appropriate to their certificates/ratings

  • ALL Cirrus SR22 models require 200 hours Total Time + IRA + FIKI Certification for FIKI Aircraft

  • SR20 Models: Private Pilot (except for Student Pilots with official endorsements); 10 hours make/model


  • T182T Model: solo requires IRA

IFR: Instrument Flight Rules
IRA: Instrument Rating
FIKI: Flight Into Known Icing


$100 initiation fee, plus $40 monthly membership fee

Block rates (valid for JATO Aviation members):

  • $100 initiation fee; $40 monthly membership fee

  • Block rates (valid for JATO Aviation members): 

  • Block: $2500 on account; positive balance required; valid across all participating aircraft

  • Non-member rates are an additional $15/hr above Member Rates

  • RENTER’s INSURANCE REQUIRED: Renters must carry at least $10,000 in “physical damage” renter’s insurance. 

  • Sales tax is included in all hourly aircraft rates