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Here are our reasons for choosing to rent and fly with JATO, rather than other flying clubs:

Commitment to newer technologies
We started flying with JATO when they invested in their first Cirrus SR20, more than 10 years ago. We wanted to advance to higher performance, glass cockpit aircraft, but the club we were with had only a fleet of older Cessna aircraft. JATO provided what we were seeking, and has continually upgraded their fleet, allowing us to regularly upgrade to the latest Cirrus aircraft.

Well maintained aircraft
Compared to our previous flying clubs, JATO's aircraft are always well maintained and clean, and avionics databases are always up-to-date. We confidently invite family and friends to fly with us, because the quality and cleanliness of our aircraft reassures them and provides a great flying experience.

A robust fleet of Cirrus aircraft
JATO maintains a sizable fleet of Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft which means that, although we are renters, we have rarely been grounded due to maintenance or equipment problems. JATO always does their best to find an alternative aircraft should our reserved aircraft be unavailable for any reason.

Great instructors
JATO maintains a deep bench of well trained, effective certified Cirrus instructors. We benefit from their advanced training whenever we need to obtain flight or instrument currency, and the standardization of training techniques provided by all JATO instructors allows us to switch seamlessly between  instructors when necessary.

The best flight school owner
As JATO's owner, April Gafford is not only a great flying instructor, but she is also an outstanding business person, focused on understanding the needs of her customers and actively and promptly addressing issues and concerns. We feel that we have the greatest flying experience with JATO and April Gafford.

Neville and Janet

Since I’ve been flying for 46 years, I have dealt with many flight instructors and related organizations and have found that JATO provides the most accomplished, professional, and thorough service of any flight operations in Northern California. I started with JATO in 2000 as I was working on my multi-engine rating and continued with them through my instrument, commercial, and jet training.  JATO now manages my Citation with the utmost attention to detail.  If you want the best, I recommend JATO.

Dana C. McManus
President and CEO
S. J. Amoroso Construction Company

JATO Aviation
Platinum Cirrus Training Center

Cirrus Aircraft is pleased to recognize JATO Aviation as a Platinum Cirrus Training Center. JATO Aviation provides the premium service, exceptional flight training, outstanding support, and state-of-the-art technical skills that epitomize the very best Platinum Partners in the Cirrus network. JATO is part of an elite group consisting of the top Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots, Cirrus Training Centers, and Cirrus Authorized Service Centers that have differentiated themselves as the very best in an already fantastic network of Cirrus partners.

As a Platinum Cirrus Training Center, JATO Aviation has committed to providing the best flight training experience available by employing multiple Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs), participating in regional and global Cirrus symposiums, completing additional ongoing flight and knowledge checks with their instructors, committing themselves to ongoing professional development, and operating the very latest equipment available from Cirrus Aircraft.

We at Cirrus Aircraft are truly appreciative of JATO Aviation’s dedication to the safety and care of Cirrus pilots. The standard of excellence that JATO applies to their operations reflects the high standards of our company, our employees, and our products. We are privileged to have JATO Aviation be part of the Cirrus Training Network.

Travis Klumb
Director of Flight Standards, Operations, and Customer Experience
Cirrus Aircraft


How do you take someone with absolutely no knowledge of airplanes and train them to be a safe, competent pilot flying in the flight levels all around the country?  That's what JATO Aviation did for me.  Initially, I wanted to learn how to fly so that I could easily travel around the west coast and decided a small plane was the way to do it.  What I didn't realize at the time was that learning to fly is like going back to school -- it requires studying, practice,  discipline, commitment, and time to develop the right knowledge and skills, especially if you want to do more than just fly around your local airport.  And just like at school, good teachers make all the difference.

JATO Aviation took me from ground zero (I literally didn't know how to open the airplane door) to flying a complex, pressurized turboprop.  I started training in a Cessna 182 with glass-panel G1000, got my pilot's license, and immediately pursued an instrument rating.  Over the next couple of years, I moved up to larger, faster, more capable airplanes including the Piper Matrix, Piper Meridian, and TBM 850.  All along the way JATO Aviation was right alongside me providing advice, training, mentor pilots, expert resources, overseeing maintenance and aircraft ownership issues, and making sure I had the right tools and mindset to fly safely.  It didn't happen overnight, but I can enjoy the freedom, flexibility, convenience, and independence of flying an airplane with confidence.  I regularly use the solid foundation JATO built for me to fly complex missions that I would not have dreamed possible a few years ago.

Former Silicon Valley Executive